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Goalify helps you to stay on top of your goals and habits - easy and effective.

All Your Goals and Plans in One App

Do you have a great goals and ideas, but you tend to lose sight the things that are important? Would you like to change some negative habits but you always fall into your old pattern again? Goalify was developed to help you reach your goals and be more consistent. It’s a smart app that you can use to quickly, easily and effectively record any number of goals or other tasks that you’d like to accomplish.

Flexible, Just Like Your Goals

Whether you want to record you progress on some kind of training, take care of more concrete to-dos or improve your self-restraint, Goalify encourages you as you move toward your goals. Goalify makes it fast and easy to set up different types of goals. Flexible goal targets mean that you can fine-tune your goals with just a click. Why is that important? Goalify always adapts to your goals and habits – you don’t have to change how you work to use Goalify!


Keep an Eye on All of Your Goals

The practical Goalify dashboard view keeps you organized – you can check out an overview of the activities due today or this week anytime. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for a marathon, learning to play a musical instrument or you want to quit smoking – one quick look and you’ll know everything about your progress on all your goals and plans

Challenge Your Friends!

Share your goals with your friends on Facebook, or you use a special link and set up a challenge! A list of top performers provides you with a realtime ranking so you always know where you stand, and you can also see how the other challenge participants are doing anytime. That way you can encourage each other to stick with the goal.

Grow Your Willpower!

Stay motivated about your goals and plans! Goalify ensures success with dynamic reminders, helpful tips and custom push notifications. This helps you to stick with your goals. With Goalify’s sophisticated smart coaching system, an assessment of your current performance is only a click away. You’ll get useful information on your goal performance and and detailed advice on how to do even better - remember that consistency is crucial.

Stay On Top Of Things!

With the clearly arranged future preview, you have an overview of what to expect in the coming days and weeks. A regular review helps you to quickly determine which goals you have successfully tackled.

Know Your Strengths!

The clearly presented statistics make your strengths and weaknesses clear as Goalify makes it possible to comprehensively review your success. This is because when you are familiar with your own strengths and weaknesses, you are simply better at working on your goals and accomplishing the things you want to accomplish. Set up some new challenges for yourself and learn from your successes…we'll handle the rest!


Let's have a Chat!

In Goalify you can contact your friends and other Goalify users via groups or challenges. Just click on the chat symbol to share the excitement about the things you’re getting done. It’s all about good communication!

Join our Challenges

Take on a lot of challenges and enjoy pushing yourself harder. You’ll find great challenges and other sources of inspiration every month on our website!

Journaling Challenge

Spend a little time recording something in your journal every day! There's no minimum word count - it's only important that you stick with it and write something every day. Join in anytime!

Use BNQ7V47XM in Goalify Connect

Plank Challenge

Plank with us and get fit! Just 2x1 min or 4x30 seconds planking every day will do the trick!

Use TJL 5CQ VYH in Goalify Connect

Mindfulness Challenge

Be more mindful and attentive! Meditate with us for 2 min each day during your working week and become more relaxed!

Use DU4 9GP DUS in Goalify Connect

From our Blog

On our blog we regularly write about goals, motivation and habits. Get inspired by stories, interviews and different personalities or get tipps for using Goalify like a Pro!

Goalify helps me make by making my improvement process more visible.

Harald M.Tax Consultant

Goalify opened a new dimension of performance and training to me. In its own simple way, it helps you to stay focused on your goals. The group feature helps you to motivate and support each other.

Gerhard S.Tax Consultant & Auditor

Goalify is perhaps the most impressive new habit tracking tool. It eases the process of setting new habits or goals, and it also makes tracking them much simpler.

Read more here

Goalify really helped me to improve my consistency, and it’s become an essential aid in reaching my goals. I have tried many apps for this, but I will stick with Goalify!

Christoph S.

Goalify motivates me to really stick to my goals, and it also helps me to form new positive habits. Goalify is nice looking and easy to use.

Michaela P.

Goalify has become a daily companion and helper. It gives me a way to really stick to my goals while being able to adjust and adapt on the go.

Christina L.

Thank you for developing Goalify. I find it so helpful.

Maritta N.

Great interface. Great precise and time saving. This could really change my life - thank you for this!

5 star review

Beautiful app! One of the best goal setting apps I've come across!

5 star review

I was searching for an app like this and was definitely not disappointed when I found this. I can tell alot of effort has been put into this app and it really does help me organise my life better and make me want to reach my goals! Thank you!

5 star review

With Goalify I kickstart my motivation  and monitor my progress towards my goals!

Elle L.Fitness Blogger

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