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Goalify® helps you to stay on top of your goals and habits - easy and effective.

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All your goals and objectives in one app

Goalify was developed to help you reach your goals and be more consistent. It’s a smart app that you can use to quickly, easily and effectively record any number of goals or other tasks that you’d like to accomplish.

Grow Your Willpower!

Goalify ensures success with dynamic reminders, helpful tips and custom push notifications. You’ll get useful information on your goal performance and and detailed advice on how to do even better.

Challenge yourself!

Goalify lets you share your goals with your friends and set up a challenge! Or you can use the app with your coach or doctor, making it easier for you to stay on track and accountable.

Stay accountable!

The clearly presented statistics make your strengths and weaknesses clear as Goalify makes it possible to comprehensively review your success. When you are familiar with your own strengths and weaknesses, you are simply better at working on your goals.

Our community loves Goalify 🤟

And we love our community 🥰

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“I seriously reconsidered my life and after taking several expensive goal setting courses, I started to look for a good Habit/Goal tracking app. I downloaded and used 12 of them. Goalify ended up being my final choice.”

App Store Review
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“Unusually useful app! It’s a winner so far of many apps I have tried for this purpose.”

App Store Review
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“This app does exactly what I want a goal tracker to do! Love it so far.”

Play Store Rezession
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“I am using the Goalify app to motivate clients to make positive behavior changes. The app and website are intuitive and easy to navigate. The Goalify customer service is outstanding when I have a question. I highly recommend this app and this company!”

App Store Review
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“This is the best habit tracking app that i have downloaded from playstore till date. Pros that i found in this app is its neat and clean presentation with minimum clutter. Developers have made this simple task of tracking a habit even simpler.”

Play Store Review
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“Love this app. It does everything I was looking for in a goal app, and does what ALL of the ones I tried should do.”

Play Store Review

And start improving today.

Goalify mobile app is focused on you and your success. Meanwhile, it doesn't matter whether you use Goalify for yourself, with your friends or with your coach. See for yourself.

Goalify mobile app a habit tracker experience

Goalify for professionals.

With Goalify Professional you help the people you work with to improve their consistency when adopting new behaviors and strategies.

Goalify Professional is an easy to use all-in-one solution for sales, fitness, health and coaching professionals, effectively replacing patchwork tools like Excel, WhatsApp and shared docs.

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