3 Goal Myths – Don’t Believe Them!
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3 Goal Myths – Don’t Believe Them!

3 Goal Myths – Don’t Believe Them!

There are some stubborn goal myths out there surrounding how we reach our goals, and these attitudes and mistaken ideas can have a big negative influence on reaching goals. Goal myths can prevent us from maximizing our potential. You can do something about it though…then you won’t be standing in your own way when you’re working on your goals. The first step is recognizing the goal myths, and then you can find a good solution, and approach your goals in a different way. So much depends on how we think about what we’re working on – it’s about attitude!

Goal myth 1: Only some people reach their goals, and I’m not one of them.

Naturally goals won’t work out for you if the goals you set are unrealistic. That’s why you should be setting goals you know you can in fact reach. You can find out more about setting realistic goals in this blog post. It’s obvious that if you doubt you’ll be able to accomplish your goal, especially when you’re just starting out, it will be very difficult to do what you need to do to make it happen. Rest assured that this myth is simply not true. Start by believing in yourself and having faith in your abilities – nothing can get you going like a healthy portion of self-confidence. We can all accomplish realistic goals, and we can all be happy with the mini-goals or milestones that we pass along the way. Focus on taking action and moving forward, and don’t think so much about things that didn’t work out for you.

Goal myth 2: Sticking with something is too difficult.

This is another goal idea that is just wrong. If you’ve set a goal that you would really like to achieve, then working on it will also be fun for you. You know the why behind what you’re doing. If you do happen to run low on motivation, get some help. You can look for tips so you can keep at it, for example in this blog post.We all get into a slump sometimes, and everyone thinks about giving up at some point. Nonetheless, you should never let yourself get too discouraged – when you need a boost, just read through our interviews – there you will find many tips from some well-known people who did stick with it when the going got rough. There’s lot of support out there if you just look for it – you already know that the motivating Goalify messages and reminders help to keep you on the path and moving toward your goals.

Goal myths 3: It’s best to take on everything at once.

Aren’t we supposed to put as much pressure on ourselves as possible? Isn’t that how people work best? Wrong! A little stress and pressure is actually good for you, but overdoing it is in fact counterproductive. You’re just doing yourself more harm in the end. Imagine working on all of your goals at the same time, or trying to get rid of all of your bad habits all at once. That’s clearly too much pressure! It’s better to work on goals one after another, and it’s also good to break larger goals up into smaller intermediate goals…take things step by step. That way you cut down on the stress and pressure that’s attached to your goal, and you increase the likelihood that you’ll actually achieve what you’re after.

What are some negative ideas you have about goals and how to reach them? Did we miss any goal myths? Write to us at

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