5 Goalify Features to Try Out this Year
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5 Goalify Features to Try Out this Year

5 Goalify Features to Try Out this Year

Goalify has been developed to comprehensively support you as you work on your goals and plans. We are constantly working to improve the app – here you can find a selection of the top Goalify features that you should really try out this year!


In Goalify you are able to contact your friends and other Goalify users via groups or challenges. Just click on the chat symbol to share the excitement about the things you’re getting done. You can always stay on top of the conversations you’re following – you decide what channels you want to keep an eye one as well as whether or not you want to be informed about new posts via push messages. If you set up a challenge yourself, you can encourage the people taking part…and you can also check in and find out why someone might be falling behind a little. You can even mark your messages as important by clicking on the star when you send the message. It’s all about good communication!


In Goalify you can share your goals with your friends on Facebook, or you use a special link and set up a challenge. When you create a challenge, everyone works on the same positive outcome – only you can make changes to the challenge goal. This keeps the competition fair for everyone, and at the same time you have full control over your goal. A list of top performers provides you with a realtime ranking so you always know where you stand, and you can also see how the other challenge participants are doing anytime. That way you can encourage each other to stick with the goal.

In-App Help:

You’ll see a help option in the menu where you’ll find useful hints and tips that are organized according to topic (e.g. “Goals and Planning” or “Challenges”). You can also use the handy search feature to find what you’re looking for in a more targeted way. Maybe you want to quickly find out how to set up the vacation mode in Goalify, or you’d like to add a goal to a group and you don’t know how. Those are ideal situations for using the practical help menu! You’ll be amazed with all the useful information that’s now at your finger tips – just try entering something in the search field like "adjust” and check out all the results.

Training Plans:

You already know that planning is half the battle, but did you also know that you can use Goalify to set up customized training plans? It allows you to specify which days of the week that you’d like to work more on your goals, up to eight weeks in advance. Additionally, you can add specific instructions for every day – that way you always have an overview of what you’re doing and what you have planned. You no longer have to keep all that information in your head. You just stick to your goals and let Goalify handle the rest.

Vacation Mode:

Naturally you’ll want to take Goalify with you when you travel. Even though you’re taking some time off work, you can still continue to track your goals – running every day, doing the plank challenge with us or eating fewer sweets – most everything is still possible when you’re on vacation. Nonetheless, it might be better for you to time your goals differently during vacation, or maybe you just don’t have a reliable Internet connection. Feel free to take it easy and simply deactivate your Goalify coaching messages during this time. We developed our practical vacation mode for just this reason – some time to relax for both you and our coaches!

Have fun with all the great new Goalify features as get going on the new year. Check out our collection of exciting and helpful articles about motivation and sticking with the important things that you're working on. You can always send an email to if you'd like some additional help! Which Goalify features do you like best of all?

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