7 Exciting Articles About Building New Habits
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7 Exciting Articles About Building New Habits

7 Exciting Articles About Building New Habits

We love blogs that are centered on habits – the ideal place to find inspiration and encouragement. We’re always on the lookout for useful tips. Here is a brief roundup of the most exciting articles of the last month on the topic of new habits and effective routines.

  1. This article focuses on mental happiness . Learn about 30 Habits that everyone should do.

Read the article: 30 habits everyone should do

  1. If you are an entrepreneur and want to become more successful you should adopt these  14 daily habits.
    Read the article: 14 daily habits business owners should adopt 

  2. Read  this guide that is very comprehensive and includes 35 amazing health benefits of running (+10 tips for beginners).

Read the article: 35 amazing health benefits of running

  1. If you want to cut down on the amount of sweets you eat, here are some ideas.

Read the article: 7 way to combat sugar boredom eating

  1. Sometimes we also need to look at our money habits

Read the article: How to control spending

  1. Creativity makes life more exciting – here are some things you can do to make you more creative:

Read the article: 6 simple habits fueling my creativity

  1. Need more structure in your life? Use these tips to be more organised and to declutter your life!

Read the article: Declutter your life!

  1. If you are a writer you probably want to know how to boost your productivity. Well, here is some advice.
    Read the article: Daily writing habits to boost productivity!

Remember that consistency is crucial - especially when you want to adopt new habits.   Concentrate on changing one or two habits at a time - don't do everything at once. Make sure to take small steps which is . Here at Goalify we believe that auccess is not one giant leap. Success is the continuous realization of many smaller successful steps. Try Goalify - the app that helps you to reach your goals and adopt new habits!

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