7 Holiday Gift Ideas for People with Goals
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7 Holiday Gift Ideas for People with Goals

7 Holiday Gift Ideas for People with Goals

So how are your Christmas preparations going? Are you ready for the big day? Hopefully you’ve been following our tips for avoiding stress and making your days less hectic. If you’re still on the lookout for Christmas gift ideas, read on:


A journal or diary is a powerful tool to have on hand. Many successful people keep a journal and write down what they’ve accomplished, analyzed what worked well and organize their many thoughts. It’s a good way to keep everything in line. Of course you can buy a journal for someone, or better yet you can make one yourself. Search online and get some inspiration – there are so many beautiful ideas. Add a personal inscription and you have a gift that will surely be hard to forget!

To-Do List

They’re often not loved by people who are working on big goals, but a good to-do list does give you a way to keep an eye on everything on your plate. Why not give someone an attractive to-do list. There are some great apps for mobile devices that fit the bill, but everyone knows that there’s some beauty in a hand-written list. Again, that’s a gift you can make for yourself – have a look on the Web and check out the cool ideas other people have come up with…or you can use our to-do list template (Download)


Why not give someone a calendar – ideally one you’ve made – in order make sure someone you know starts out right next year? It’s the obvious choice for people who are working on goals. You can easily lose track of what you’re working on – a calendar can be a source of inspiration, and it can also be a place to jot down what goals you want to work on at what time over the coming year. Here are some great calendar templates and designs for making something yourself:

Coaching Time

Professional support is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success that many people follow. Coaches can be helpful when it comes to reflecting on what you’re working on, setting priorities and establishing the right goals. Make a gift of some time with a professional coach or trainer in a specific field. Good advice does not have to be expensive: there are options for every budget, or you can pool your resources with colleagues or family members and get something more expensive.

Fitness and Relaxation

People you know can finally reach their fitness goals…and you can help. Again, there are different options depending on how much you want to spend. You might opt for an expensive fitness club membership, or you could chose an introductory yoga class at the nice yoga place around the corner. What about the more DIY option: you give someone an hour massage, and be sure to create a cool gift certificate to announce your gift. Some quality relaxation time is something any fitness enthusiast would certainly enjoy.


Let’s say your special someone has wanted your run a marathon for a long time. Then how about running one together? You both train, and you also keep each other motivated! Maybe a friend of yours wants to eat more healthy? Then try cooking together for a week. Another option is to start working on something at the same time as one of your children, for example learning to play a musical instrument. After all, shared fun is double fun, and a high level of motivation is more or less a given.


Let’s not forget the amazing app that is so helpful when it comes to reaching goals! A year subscription for the Unlimited Edition of Goalify would make a great gift – a year of unlimited goals under the Christmas tree. What could be more fun than that?

What are your best last-minute gift ideas? Is there something that you like to give people who like to work on goals? Leave a comment or write to me at

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