8 Tips for Your Perfect Spring Cleaning
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8 Tips for Your Perfect Spring Cleaning

8 Tips for Your Perfect Spring Cleaning

Springtime is finally here, also marking its arrival with warmer temperatures. Take advantage of the increased daylight hours by sprucing up your living area! Now is also the ideal time to tidy up and get rid of things you no longer need. When looking at so many to-dos, there can be some resistance: too much to do, too little time. The best way to get things done is to not take on too much all at once, ideally by breaking up your spring cleaning into a bunch of small to-dos. That way, you get to experience successes more quickly. Our Spring Cleaning Challenge can help you with this. Take part from 16 April to 28 April and share in the motivation of doing your spring cleaning with other Goalify users.

To-do list

First have a look around where you live and think about which places need some tidying up. You likely have some things that you can throw out – sort out the things that you no longer need, no longer use or don’t wear very often anymore. Write down your to-dos, and specify which area of your flat or home that you’d like to work on as well as what things you want to get rid of. Keep in mind that one of the goals of spring cleaning is making room for something new in your life.

Divide and conquer

You might come to the conclusion that you’ve taken on too much, and your spring cleaning is looking more and more like an insurmountable task. If that happens, it makes good sense break up your big cleaning job into little mini-goals. You don’t have to do all of your cleaning and organizing in one day – instead choose a small thing that you know you can accomplish in a day, and do that again the next day. This way you never lose track of the bigger goal, and you also have a system for reaching it.


Now make a checklist and consider what else you think ought to be included in your successful spring cleaning campaign. Do you need to pick up some cleaning supplies? Do you have enough cleaning rags? This is also the time to figure out where you can dispose of any bigger things that you’d like to get rid of. Create an additional checklist so that nothing stands between you and eliminate any obstacles that stand between you a a job well done.

Start small and finish what you start

Start with a smaller part of the cleaning, and then make sure that you actually do what you intended. You’ve already divided up the big job into many little, manageable tasks so you know that you can do what needs doing without overdoing it.

Systematize it

Take on your cleaning operation in a systematic way – that way you’ll waste less of your valuable time. Moreover it can be a good idea to take care of things from top to bottom, or from back to front if you like. If you’ve already vacuumed the floors and then you do the dusting, you’re going to swirl up dust and just make the floor dirty again.

Take breaks

You should also pause from whatever you’re working on from time to time, and make sure that you’re drinking enough. Cleaning can be hard work so you should make sure to stay hydrated.

Freshen it up

You can also use this opportunity to redecorate a little by changing up your living space. You could get a new vase and buy some spring flowers, or you could pick up a vibrant new rug for your living room or some colorful pillows for your sofa.

Reward yourself

After a successful cleaning day, or even after a few hours of cleaning, you can be happy with what you’ve accomplish and reward yourself a little: a piece of chocolate can be a good prize, or may some fresh spring strawberries – choose something that is a good motivator for you.

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