A case against radical change
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A case against radical change

Whenever we set out to begin something new or want to change one of our habits, we tend to throw ourselves at it with full force.

Exercising is important? Lets run at least 2 miles each day!
I should drink more water? Lets drink at least 8 glasses a day!

Unfortunately for the most time this is not how it will work out. The change is just too big to be sustained over an extended period of time and most people tend to fall back into their old ways completely. Successful people know the amount of change they can handle and commit accordingly.

Be realistic about your goals. Take your growth in logical, small steps and you will succeed!

They start with small steps. It's a lot easier to stick to your plans and when you are ready to pick up the momentum you can increase your goal step by step.

Exercising is important? Start out with a quarter mile each day. Walk, don't run. It might not look like much, but keep going for 3 months and you will have tackled more than 22 miles. And you won't need much more than 7 minutes a day.

I should drink more water? Start with an additional glass each day. Add a glass a day for 3 months and you will have added more than 22 liters to your diet. And you will manage that glass easily.

This way you might start slower than the rest, but in the end you will have accomplished what you set out to do.

Goalify can help you to keep moving forward and to stay committed. Create a goal, work on it and keep track of it with Goalify. You are ready to increase your target - no problem. Change your goal details and Goalify will increase your target for the future. Goalify helps you to be more consistent in engaging with your goals and dependably doing what you planned to do. When you record your progress, you immediately get some encouraging feedback from one of our virtual coaches. If you’re falling behind (it happens) you get the boost you need – well timed reminders help you to always reach your goals.

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