The Benefits of Setting Goals Part II
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The Benefits of Setting Goals Part II

The Benefits of Setting Goals Part II

I already wrote something about the benefits of setting goals – today I’d like to continue with that idea. Here we are at the beginning of spring, the start of a new season, making it a good time to think a little about the past in order to make room for some new goals. It’s a good idea to soak up all of the energy that springtime brings, do things in better ways and set new goals for yourself. I’ve listed some more of the benefits of setting goals here if you need additional good reasons to get going on goal setting.

  • Self-Confidence

Every time I reach a goal, it increases my confidence…I just feel better about myself. I know I have achieved what I set out to do, and that encourages me to keep going and stick with things should any challenges arise. This allows me to better understand how I work as my understanding of myself increases. Moreover, I find out about all of the things I can actually accomplish (and also what things I should put my effort into). More often than not, I can do even more than I originally thought possible. Success in achieving goals is a positive source of energy, and it can be a real boost in terms of both mood and confidence. I immediately notice that I feel better if I move just a little bit closer to my goals – it doesn’t even matter if it’s a large or small goal.

  • Self-Reflection

If I set a goal for myself and I do not achieve it, I have the possibility to consider what happened and to analyze why I did not do what I set out to do. This only works if I have precisely defined what I wanted to achieve. In that way, I get an overview of my strengths and weaknesses, and I can put this knowledge to use in the future. Taking a little break and reflecting on the past helps me to improve as I move forward with my other intentions. Over time, I also become much better at overcoming setbacks: instead of being too hard on myself, I simply aim to do things better the next time. If I know why something did not work out, then I can put my focus on that aspect the next time.

  • Responsibility

Setting goals always involves taking responsibility. It means that I take my life seriously and I accept responsibility for my behavior. I strive to not make decisions too quickly or to be unclear in my motivations, rather I make sure that my decisions are in line with my goals long-term. The has a positive effect on my surroundings because I pay more attention to the ins and outs of life: I look to the future and I think about the best possible way to act in harmony with those around me as I move forward.

  • Attitude

Sometimes things simply do not go well, and it happens all too often that many things come at you simultaneously. If I have set concrete goals for myself, everything feels a little more clear and manageable as my goals then function as guideposts that lead me through hectic times. It’s possible that unexpected things come up and add some short-term stress to my life, but if I have a concrete goal in mind, it’s less likely to easily throw me off track. Our CEO Michael has already written a blog post about goals as a way to stay on course

Is something missing from my list? Which benefits of setting goals do you notice? Do you have special goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of spring? How are you using this nice time of year? Leave us a comment or write us to

Keep at it!

Clara & the Goalify-Team

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