Silence is golden? Not so much for Goalify

Jan 30, by Goalify in Updates

Now there’s a brand new chat feature!

From now on you’ll be able to contact your friends and other Goalify users via groups or challenges. Just click on the chat symbol to share the excitement about the things you’re getting done. You can always stay on top of the conversations you’re following – you decide what channels you want to keep an eye one as well as whether or not you want to be informed about new posts via push messages.

If you set up a challenge yourself, you can encourage the people taking part…and you can also check in and find out why someone might be falling behind a little. You can even mark your messages as important by clicking on the star when you send the message. It’s all about good communication!

For users with the Goalify Coaching Edition, we’ve added another cool feature to this update: as a coach, you can do more than just chat with your clients in groups. You can also start private conversations with individual users. Exchanging information has never been so easy, and the possibilities for supporting the people you’re working with will take a giant leap forward!

Important: The chat feature is the latest addition to Goalify, and for the time being it will be running in beta mode. We’re hoping to get a lot of feedback about this new feature, and in turn we’ll be using that feedback to keep making the app even better.

chat feature


In this update, you’ll also find that the calendar has been reworked, making it even easier to get an overview of your goals and plans – a quick look and you can see when a goal is due and how much time you have left to get it done. That way you have an even better overview of all your goals, and you can more easily track everything you’re working on.

Here’s a seemingly simple question for you: What’s the first day of the week? As you likely know, people living in different countries would answer this question differently. To make Goalify even easier for everyone everywhere to use, now you can decide whether the Goalify week starts on Sunday or Monday, moreover you can specify the weekly goal timeframe for each and every goal.

Android users have been enjoying the possibility to use the Goalify widget since the last version, and now it’s also even easier for iOS users to keep an eye on their goals. Now all Goalify users can keep an eye on their goals via the home screen!

Did you know that it is now even easier to get for example to your challenges? Just click on the violet Challenge field (or you can try out any other field..)

chat feature

We’re extremely proud of this update – we’d love to get your feedback about the chat feature and we also really enjoy reading about how you’re successfully using Goalify to get things done. As you already know, 2017 is the year of #stickingwithit!

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