Cool Quotes, Inspirational Ideas and Quality Food for Thought: BEST OF Interviews
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Cool Quotes, Inspirational Ideas and Quality Food for Thought: BEST OF Interviews

Cool Quotes, Inspirational Ideas and Quality Food for Thought: BEST OF Interviews

This year we started our interview series, in which we asked some well-known people involved in various challenging endeavors about their goals, motivation and influences. We ended up with some really great interviews, full of cool quotes, inspirational ideas and quality food for thought.

We’ve put together a BEST OF for you, and we’re already looking forward to a new year full of fresh and exciting interviews!

Pursuing your own goals is magical because no one can get you there but you.

Kimberly Kertz

Limitations are self-constructed. Ultramarathons show you that preconceived boundaries don’t exist.

Dean Karnazes

There is always a way, always, you just have to be persistent enough to figure it out.

Laura Bingham

Everyone can do something exceptional if one sees a deeper sense in what one is doing.

Christoph Strasser

I know that if I dedicate myself, anything is possible.

Sierra Blair-Coyle

The greatest motivation was entirely from within: I simply wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

Frank Solomon

There is no defeat, it’s just more learning processes.

Manuel Feller

You should look beyond set boundaries in order to not allow yourself to be too limited.

Pam Forster

One should be very careful with the goals one sets: aim for challenging goals and never overwhelming goals.

Valentin Pfeil

One of the cool things about highlining is that it is a very safe sport because you know all the risks involved.

Julian Mittermaier

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