Do Good and Think Positive!
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Do Good and Think Positive!

Do Good and Think Positive!

You can’t do something great every day, but you can definitely do something good!

Do good and think positive: Sometimes we’re so wrapped up with our own lives that we stop thinking about what’s going on around us. Our own goals take up most of our attention, along with our problems – we might even think that the support of the people around us is more or less a given. When that happens, it’s a good idea to step back and shift your focus to the people around you. Ask yourself what you can do to make things better. Ask yourself how you might be of help. It’s usually the case that just doing some little things will be enough to support other people while at the same time improving your own environment.

This exercise is great for just that reason: everyone benefits when more people focus on being of service to others. So a spirit of giving will actually be a boost for your own goals and plans? Give it a try and experience all the positives that come from a shift in focus. Taking part in the Do Good Challenge that we’ve set up in Goalify is a great way to do just that – a good deed every day. We also want to make it easier for you to get done whatever is important to you while at the same time helping others. Participants in the Do Good Challenge have a chance to win 3 months of Goalify Unlimited for themselves along with 12 months of Goalify Unlimited for the person of their choice. Be good - do good!

Click here and join our Do Good Challenge!

Here are a few ideas for everyday good deeds:


You can give someone a smile – the effect is bigger than you might think. Next time you’re out shopping, trying smiling at the cashier or the person helping you at the bakery counter…you can even smile at complete strangers while you go about your day! There might be some internal resistance – that’s normal – but push beyond it and do something that might be unusual for you at first. It’s a sure thing that you’ll end up making a nicer day for the people who cross your path and get a smile.

Just listen

Many of the people you know would likely enjoy some more of your attention, so take some time out of your hectic day and just listen. You could go for a walk with someone, or join them for a coffee. Giving your time and attention can have a huge positive impact. Moreover, if you choose to spend some time with a person you haven’t seen in a while, the happy feelings will clearly grow and grow.

Help out

Maybe someone from work is moving, or a friend is renovating their home by themselves? Do you know a couple with children who have missed out on movie night for way too long? You can offer your help, without even being asked! Helping with moving, doing some painting or looking after someone’s children – people really do value and remember things like that. You know that such good deeds often end up being repaid in one way or another, so there’s just no reason to put off helping out any longer.

Do good to you

It’s also important that you don’t forget about yourself. Keep an eye on your own needs and make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself with too much helping others and doing good deeds. If you are not feeling your best, how can you do good things for other people? From time to time, do something just for yourself – it could be a relaxing bath, a yoga class or a nice walk.

Positive thinking and greater awareness are also helpful in your everyday interactions with others.

Pass it on

Sometimes we have things at home that we no longer need or almost never use – it could be a T-shirt that you never put on anymore or that juice press that you never actually used. Give it to someone who needs it more than you do, and enjoy the feeling!


Positive thinking and greater awareness are also helpful in your everyday interactions with others. When you have a positive attitude, it inevitably rubs off on your surroundings. Meditation can help: you learn to control your thoughts and choose what gets your attention, and you also move away from negative thinking. Try watching a relaxing TED Talk that deals with the topic of mindfulness.

Compliment others

A nice word at the right time makes everyone happier. You can do more than comment on a job well done or let someone know how good they look – tell someone if you like their attitude, or simply that you like the feeling you get when you spend time together. Like good deeds, compliments also tend to come back to you!

Do you have other ideas? Know of any more good deeds we can all incorporate into our everyday lives? Jump into the “Do Good Challenge” – we’re looking forward to some big synergy!

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