Do things differently -freshen up your everday routine!
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Do things differently -freshen up your everday routine!

Do things differently -freshen up your everday routine!

It can be good to have a routine – after all, a routine helps to add structure to our lives. Nonetheless, it’s important to step outside your normal way of doing things from time to time and take a different path. Sometimes it’s nice to have a closer look at the why attached to whatever we’re doing and make sure that our habits are still good for us. Maybe now is the time to freshen up your everyday life?

A neurologist named Dr. Katz found that in order to stimulate brain activity, it’s necessary to the do things in completely different ways. That was his reason for developing Neurobics: it’s a kind of brain training that gets you moving in new directions, thus activating the nerve cells in your brain. “Doing things differently” is the motto of the training. Just making small changes in the way you go about your day, or even adding unfamiliar activities, can have a big effect.

Sit over there

If you’re the kind of person who always sits in the same place when you eat, it can be good to sometimes choose another seat. You can just sit on the opposite side of the table, or in the chair next to where you normally sit. You’ll see that you take in the space around you in a very different way.

Rearrange your stuff

You don’t have to buy any expensive furniture for this one; it would be enough just to hang a different picture on the wall. Small changes do a lot, and it’s also a nice way to bring new energy into the place that you spend the most time.

Zig instead of zag

You most likely chose your route to work because it’s the fastest way to get there. Even so, you should beware of too much routine in your life. Altering the way you get to work or travel home at the end of the day, even just a little, can have positive effects on your brain activity.

 Use your other hand

Try brushing your teeth with the other hand sometimes – this is a tiny change in your day that you’ll really notice.

No lunch routine

Maybe you’re in the habit of always having lunch in exactly the same way, for example always going to the break room at work or eating at the same restaurant. Do you normally just eat a sandwich while you continue working at your computer? Mix it up a little from time to time: if the sun is shining, pack your lunch and eat it in the nearest park. You could go to a different restaurant, maybe even somewhere that you wouldn’t usually think of going. Another option is using some of your lunch break for a walk – who knows what kind of adventures you might have!

Rearrange your closet

Right now, can you can get your T-shirt and socks without even looking at what you’re doing because everything is always in the same place? It’s time for a change. Put your clothes in different places, for example move the socks to the place your shirts normally go. As an alternative, you might want to move things around in your kitchen.

Do you know about some problems that can crop up when you get too set in your ways? Are you caught in the trap of habit and routine, blindly moving through your day? So write to us and tell us about it, or let us know what you do to avoid too much sameness in your days!

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