In-App Help: Our Practical Feature Of the Month October
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In-App Help: Our Practical Feature Of the Month October

In-App Help: Our Practical Feature Of the Month October

Once again you’ll find several new things in our latest update – among them is practical in-app help feature.

Up to now if you had a question about Goalify, there were really two options: you could either look through the knowledge base to find the information you needed, or you could send us an e-mail and ask. Of course, e-mailing us directly always works (!) but now you have one more way to find out how to make the most of Goalify. With the newest version of Goalify, you’ll see a help option in the menu where you’ll find useful hints and tips that are organized according to topic (e.g. “Goals and Planning” or “Challenges”). You can also use the handy search feature to find what you’re looking for in a more targeted way.

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Maybe you want to quickly find out how to set up the vacation mode in Goalify, or you’d like to add a goal to a group and you don’t know how. Those are ideal situations for using the practical help menu! You’ll be amazed with all the useful information that’s now at your finger tips – just try entering something in the search field like "adjust” and check out all the results. We’re sure that you’ll usually be able to find the answer that your looking for, and maybe even discover something that you didn’t know about Goalify!

It’s clear that Goalify is a powerful tool that offers a lot of options. From time to time, you might need more information about just how things work. From now on, the practical in-app help is the quickest way to get the support you need. You know what that means: you’ll be able to reach your goals even more quickly!

So what if you cannot find what you’re looking for in the in-app help? As always, you can write us an e-mail directly. We like helping people make the most of Goalify, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Also, check out our latest update!

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