Goalify 3.0 Delivers
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Goalify 3.0 Delivers

Goalify 3.0 Delivers

Just in time for the holidays, in additon to our cool Christmas Challenge, we have a small Christmas gift for you…and this one you can open early: Goalify 3.0. Thanks to all the feedback and comments we have received, we’ve made our app even better. We have been hard at work on a number of changes large and small that you’re sure to love.

Goalify 3.0 Delivers

 Say hello to streaks: at a glance, you’ll be able to see how long you have been working on your goals and plans without interruption. Consistency is an important part of achieving your Goals, and likewise it’s essential when you’re trying to chage your habits. With this view, you get a visual analysis of the duration (no breaks) that you’ve stuck with whatever you are working on – that will help to motivate you to keep on going.

Something else is new with Goalify, and this one impacts the entire user experience. The interface has been carefully reworked – the new design makes it even easier to use the app. Among the many changes, chat now has its own place in the menu and the goal overview also has a new look: when you open a goal, you see your to-dos along with some instructions and the analysis provided by our automated coaching…all in one place. Moreover, pauses are now simpler to edit and view in the calendar.

Let’s say that you’ve been working on a goal for a while, but you haven’t gotten around to setting up Goalify. No problem, because now you can also set up your goals to start in the past. This is a great feature, espicially for new Goalify users who would like to use the app to track goals that they’ve already been working on.

Additionally, iOS users will also enjoy the expanded 3D Touch support.

Thanks to all the great feedback we received from the coaches who use Goalify, we also made some improvements to the Coaching Edition. It’s simpler to connect with new clients – all they have to do is scan the QR invitation code. In addition, the overview now more clearly presents the progress clients are making, and chats can be initiated with just a click.

One more thing: if you no longer want to receive community news or invites to challenges, you can just go to your settings and unsubscribe.

What do you think of the update? We’d love to hear from you!

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