Goalify 2 is here!
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Goalify 2 is here!

Goalify 2 is here!

I’m especially happy to be writing today’s blog post! In the end, this post is about the long and not always easy way road that the Goalify team has travelled over last few months. We were always encouraged by our firm belief that many small steps would bring us to our desired goal. I am tremendously proud of everyone at onebytzero as well as our Goalify user community and all the other people who have helped in getting us to this point: Goalify 2 is here!

What’s new in Goalify 2?

Thanks to the wealth of feedback for our users, we were able to unite our vision of Goalify with the wishes of the people who use the app – a process that we’re also excited about continuing over the coming years. Many users will be positively surprised by Goalify 2’s completely reworked user interface. It’s now even easier to use, and the design is more intuitive. To help you quickly find your way around the new user environment, we’ve written up a practical introductory guide.As always, central to Goalify is the work you do on your goals, tasks and habits. The revised dashboard makes it especially easy to always keep an eye on everything. We’re very please with just how much this new view makes it simpler to get things done as you always have quick access to a clear overview of your progress so far.

With flexible goal types, you can record the progress you make on your tasks, habits or training. We have developed a specific type of goal for simply tracking your to-dos. Also, like everyone else, we on the Goalify team have at least on negative habit that we’d like to change. That’s why we want to improve on the way Goalify supports the elimination of bad habits – now you can use Goalify to cut down on something, for example smoking less or losing weight. Additionally, in Goalify 2 your can set up and save your own daily and weekly plans, and you can add notes to the plans that you create. If you’re looking to maintain or improve your fitness, you have found a valuable assistant in Goalify 2. Now you can be more targeted and more consistent in your training.

We are also very proud of the clearly presented statistics that graphically display your strengths and weaknesses at a glance – either over the last 14 days or via the multi-year annual overview. That way you can keep an eye on your consistency in greater detail, and you can take appropriate steps if you find that you are off course. To make this feature even more useful, you can also add comments to all of your activities. As you work on your goals, tasks and habits, the automated Goalify coaches provide you with motivation and support via dynamic reminders, helpful tips and individualized push notifications.

Our moment-by-moment coaching  is completely new: with only a click, our coaches give you info about your current level of progress. It’s all to clear that sometimes a nudge from outside can deliver exactly the motivation you need to reach our goals! Thanks to the reworked group function in Goalify, it’s even easier and faster to set up groups. You can now send invitations using SMS, Whatsapp , e-mail, iMessage, and more. Every group can consist of up to 20 members and each of the members can connect five goals to each group. This makes it even more convenient to share your successes, progress and activities…and to get a boost of inspiration and motivation when needed.

A lot of people have expressed interest in incorporating Goalify into their professional coaching, training or teaching – that’s why we developed the Coaching Edition. With this add-on, you have a simple way to manage the people you work with, whether coaching clients, athletes or students. With Goalify, it’s so easy to set up goals and track performance. Coaches always have an overview of how things are going, and they can also adjust goals and provide individualized feedback. Our automated coaches supplement the guidance you provide. If you would like to try out this useful expansion for free, just write to us at

We’ve taken a big step forward with Goalify 2, fundamentally improving on the first version and organizing things in an even more user-friendly way. Thanks to the feedback provided by the ever growing community of Goalify users, we’ve developed a more flexible app for everyday use; it adjusts to each individual user, and gives support whenever needed. We are proud of Goalify, and at the same time we’re always working to make it even better. Your feedback is essential as we move forward. How do you like the update? Have you already tried out a new goal type? Write us here via the blog or send us an e-mail at

Keep at it!

Michael & the Goalify -Team

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