The Insight Update - Available Soon!
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The Insight Update - Available Soon!

The Insight Update - Available Soon!

Soon available in all App Stores: After several smaller updates with numerous tweaks and improvements, once again we have a more major update for you! It´s largely based on all the great feedback we’ve received: today we’re happy to be announcing the Insight Update. This update is packed with features for data digesters and analysis aficionados – it provides you with an even better overview of your performance!

The insight update delivers enhanced insight into your data and the activities you’ve completed. Now you can select different timeframes when you want to check your performance, i.e. a range of weeks, months or years.  The data is presented visually so you can quickly check out how you’re doing. As you’d expect, coaching is also integrated into the new version. Make the most of Goalify, a powerful analysis tool that helps you to more easily achieve your goals.

Icons, icons, icons

You’ll also find some new colorful icons – you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised when you start using the app! Additionally, we’ve set up the list view and the dashboard in a more clear way so that you can get an overview of your success more quickly and easily. Not only the dashboard has been reworked…the calendar view has also gotten a facelift. So many improvements – all in the name of making the app easier to use while improving your productivity.

Are you using Goalify on a tablet device?

Then you’ll enjoy the extensive layout changes all the more! We’ve implemented so many upgrades in so many places that we could almost describe it as an “ALL NEW” app.

Maybe you’re using our free version and you are still undecided about whether or not to step up to Goalify Unlimited? From now on you can make use of a few select features from the Unlimited Edition for free – that should certainly make the decision easier.

Download our Insight Update when it is available and let us know how you like it…we’re really looking forward to hearing from you!

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