It's the Challenge Fever Update!
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It's the Challenge Fever Update!

It's the Challenge Fever Update!

It’s time for another Goalify update…the Challenge Fever Update! Just in time for summer, you can now set up your own challenges for the people you know with Goalify, or you can participate in challenges that your friends create. How can you start using all the new features in this update? Read on and we’ll tell you how.

From now on you can share your goals with your friends on Facebook, or you use a special link and set up a challenge. When you create a challenge, everyone works on the same positive outcome – only you can make changes to the challenge goal. This keeps the competition fair for everyone, and at the same time you have full control over your goal. Remember: Any goal can become a challenge…running every day, drinking less coffee, writing two blog articles every week, whatever you want! When you share your goal, you can improve your performance while you enjoy the challenge and fun of working with others. A list of top performers provides you with a realtime ranking so you always know where you stand, and you can also see how the other challenge participants are doing anytime. That way you can encourage each other to stick with the goal.


You’ll find all the challenge settings on the records screen under the “Share” tab. As you would expect, you can also end a challenge anytime you’d like. When you create a challenge, you have all the control.

You’ll find excellent challenges that you can take part in every month on our website.

Here’s an example challenge that the Goalify team is working on: One of our goals is to do planks every day. This means that every workday, sometime during the day, everyone tries to complete at least two minutes of planks. Join in the challenge!

That’s not all…now you can also share your goals, activities and groups on Facebook. Are you proud that you just finished your planned morning run? Maybe you survived a whole week of (almost) no snacking on unhealthy foods? Share the happiness about your many successes with your friends on Facebook. Everyone knows that success is contagious – remember that sharing your progress also helps to motivate your friends! You can even add a photo, or choose from the many photos that we’ve provided.

Let’s say that you are in a difficult situation and it’s not going so well with one of your goals. Your friends can really help you to keep at it, moreover they can add to your motivation by adding Likes! You can even see your Likes when you’re using Goalify. You could also create your own group with Goalify and work on your goals together. That’s a huge source of inspiration for everyone involved! It only takes a few clicks to add your friends, and they can also let other people know about the group. With the Unlimited Edition of Goalify, groups can have up to 20 members working together. Why not invite a few more friends?

Of course your privacy is very important to us – you decide when and with whom you would like to share what you’re up to.

By the way: Now you can also sign into Goalify using Facebook. It’s looking like Goalify is becoming more and more social!

Are you already a Goalify power user? Then we have packed another great feature into this release just for you! Your progress can now be displayed directly on the dashboard. Look for the plus icon – click on it to make showing your progress even more quick and easy. We’re working to consistently improve the app – as you’ll soon see, this update offers quite a few improvements over the last update in March. Now is a good time to download the update and set up your very first challenge. Maybe you can even invite us to take part in one of your challenges…we’re up for some new goals!

The challenge is on…so keep at it!

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