Making the Most of Your Time: How to Use Tags in Goalify
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Making the Most of Your Time: How to Use Tags in Goalify

Making the Most of Your Time: How to Use Tags in Goalify

Goalify is enjoying every growing popularity, and along with it a bigger and bigger community of people who like using the app. We think it’s very important to listen to the ideas coming from Goalify users, and moreover to integrate their suggestions into to app. One of the most frequent requests we receive is for a better way to organize goals. Say hello to tags! Now up to three tags can be assigned to each goal, which makes it easier to sort and group your goals.

To assign a tag, select the goal and then open settings. There you can add and delete your own list of possible tags, and of course you can add some of those tags to a goal.

Here are a few ideas for integrating tags into how you use Goalify:

If you’re working on a big goal, the tag feature can help you to keep an overview of how things are going and give you a way to break your goal down into smaller subgoals or intermediate steps. As an example, let’s say that you want to lose some weight. First, you would create a tag called “weight loss” and then come up with some subgoals like “work out three times per week” or “avoid sugary snacks”. Then when you select the tag “weight loss” in the dashboard, you’ll only see that goals that have that tag assigned. Another larger goal could be to cultivate more tranquility in your life, and this big goal might include several smaller goals: “meditate every day” or “do yoga three times per week” or whatever else you come up with that would fit the tag “tranquility”.

Another way to use tags is to sort your goals according to larger themes in your life, or similarly group goals based on categories that make sense to you. Just create a tag for the category, let’s say “fitness”, and then add the tag to all of your fitness goals – whatever you’re into – running, biking, volleyball, etc.

What if you work on different goals at different times of day? Then you can use tags like “mornings” or “workday” or “evenings” as a way to keep your dashboard more tidy throughout the course of your day. Doing this will not only provide you with a better overview; it will also help you narrow your focus to the things that are important for you to be working on at any specific time.

In addition, you’ll also find some ready-made tags in Goalify that show you which goals are currently due and which challenges you are working on. Keeping things in order is really half the battle, isn’t it? Now you can quickly get an overview of exactly the goals you want in the dashboard, while not being distracted by goals that are not relevant at the time.

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