Meet the Team: Clara, Community Management
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Meet the Team: Clara, Community Management

Meet the Team: Clara, Community Management

After studying English and American Literature, Linguistics and Cultural Studies Clara moved to Berlin to work in the start-up sphere and as a music producer/DJ. In autumn 2015 she went back to her hometown Graz, where she takes care about community growth at Goalify.

What are your tasks and responsibilities at Goalify? How does your typical day look like?

I am responsible for Community Management, Social Media and Marketing at Goalify, which involves taking care of content and message of Goalify. Furthermore, I am the contact person for users and I act as an interface between customers and developers.

What is your favourite feature of Goalify?

My favourite feature is the group feature, because it is sometimes easier to achieve goals in a group. Also, it is very motivating to work on your goals in a group.

On what goals are you currently working on?

I've  started to learn Cello and I want to practice daily. Besides that I am regularly running and doing Yoga and Pilates.

Your motivation quote?

All you need to do ist to hit the right key at the right moment

( Johann Sebastian Bach)

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