Reaching Goals In Spite of Springtime Tiredness
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Reaching Goals In Spite of Springtime Tiredness

Reaching Goals In Spite of Springtime Tiredness

For the most part, every year I feel that famous (or infamous?) feeling of springtime tiredness. There are many different theories about what causes the phenomenon, though springtime tiredness has never really been fully explained. Even though the cause remains unknown, that annoying tiredness seemed to always sneak up on me with the first rays of spring sunshine. Since I’ve been using a few tricks, I’ve been able to generally avoid from this springtime tiredness. I actively do things so that I don’t get too worn out or miss opportunities to work on my goals with the same level of enthusiasm. Here are my tips:

  • Get up early

During this time of year, it’s already warm and bright in the morning…at least when the weather is good. That means that the dark time of the year is over and you can get a lot more sunlight, which has a considerable influence on both your mood and on your energy level. This is because your body needs sunshine to feel good. For this reason, it’s a good idea to fill up on a little sunlight first thing in the morning. There’s an additional benefit that I’ve noticed: I feel less tired when I have more time in the morning.

  •  Get some fresh air

It’s best to let in some fresh air at the same time of day, likewise because fresh air is good for you. As long as weather allows for it, I open a couple of windows to ensure that the environment in my flat is good. A fresh breeze is nice early in the day, especially when hot summer days are approaching. People with allergies should exercise caution here because an open window is not a good thing for everyone, especially when there’s a lot of pollen in the air. Here it might be a good idea to have a look at the pollen forecast.

  • Move around

In the morning I go run my normal loop first thing. I notice the good feeling I get from physical activity in the morning right away. Even if I don’t go for a run, I do some yoga or at least stretch a little. If I’m really short on time, I can always find five or ten minutes in which I can get some movement in. This is highly recommend for those who want to fight springtime tiredness. If it’s there’s simply no way that you can get some physical activity in the morning, then try to do something physical in the evening!

  • Shower warm and cold

After running, it’s best to alternate between warm and cold water in the shower as it gets the circulation going. Shortly before I hop out of the shower, I turn the water to cold one last time – goodbye spring tiredness. At first it took a little effort to overcome the resistance to showering cold, but in the meantime it’s just become part of my morning routine. Additionally, contrast showering is good for the circulation in your skin.

  •  Drink enough

When I was running longer distance, I had to pay special attention to drinking enough water. Being dehydrated leads to signs of tiredness, so one thing I do is drink a lot of herbal tea with my breakfast. Tea doesn’t always have to be warm, even herbal tea can be enjoyed cool. I often add fresh ginger and mint because it is just so refreshing, and it tastes delicious in the summertime. If you would like to boost your fluid intake, then set it up as a goal in Goalify. You can easily record how much water you have already drank as well as how much you would like to drink, and you’ll be supported along the way by Goalify coaches.

  • Eat fresh and local

Vitamins are clearly important, so I try to make sure that I eat foods that are as high in vitamins and other nutrients as possible. In the spring, that’s especially fun as there is such a big selection of fruits and vegetables. Leafy green vegetables, pepper, parsley and berries contain a lot of vitamin C – it’s the secret weapon against tiredness! Whenever I can, I buy foods that are grown or produced locally, mainly at the many small farmers’ markets in the area.

Do you also experience the problem of springtime tiredness? Maybe it’s something you don’t even notice? Just leave a comment or write me an e-mail and let me know what you think!

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