Recording your Progress with Goalify
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Recording your Progress with Goalify

Many times reaching a goal is not a one step thing. You work towards achieving it. Goalify can help you best if you record your progress as you advance. When you record every step you take, Goalify will learn from your behavior and can – in the future – support you whenever you are at risk of falling behind your own expectations.

Always record your progress as you advance. Don’t record just the result at the end.

Be sure you record each step, this way Goalify can identify a drift much sooner and help you to get back on track. If you only track the final result of the day or week, chances are high that you won't be able to correct your drift in time and that you will miss your goal.

How does that work?

Lets assume you have a goal of running 12 miles a week. On some days you might run a bit further and on some days you might just do a quick run. Whenever you go running you record the miles you have tackled in Goalify. For any week that could be 2 miles on Monday, 4 miles on Wednesday, 2 miles on Friday and 4 miles on Sunday. You don't have to add up those numbers in your head, just record each individual run and Goalify will do the rest for you. No more guessing on Sunday night whether you actually went running on Monday and how far. So it's best if you record each individual run rather than the cumulated 12 miles on Sunday night.

After just a short period of time Goalify can identify when you are at risk of not making the 12 miles that week. This is when Goalify will send you a coaching message and will help you get back on track. And you don't have to follow a strict protocol each week - Goalify is powerful enough to cope with human behavior.

Watch this short video, where we show you how you record your progress with Goalify:

This works for almost everything. Whether it be miles you want to run, glasses you want to drink, hours you want to study, pages you want to read, maximum amount of cigarettes you want to smoke… Goalify can help you build or change a habit and become more consistent and committed.

One last thing. If you forgot to record an activity, don't worry. You can always record it later, just make sure that you adjust the time and date accordingly. You can do that by tapping on the little clock icon underneath the amount you are about to track. Pretty neat :)


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