Summer is Almost Over - Time to Recover Your Mental Fitness
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Summer is Almost Over -  Time to Recover Your Mental Fitness

Summer is Almost Over - Time to Recover Your Mental Fitness

Summer is almost over, but not to worry. September days can be beautiful too – it’s not as hot as it was in August, making it a good time to slow down and take a deep breath. Enjoy a fresh start. Many people, young and old alike, are also heading back to school, so how about taking a back to school quiz? Answer a question or solve a puzzle every day, and in no time at all your brain will be up to speed again after some time off in the summer! Click here or enter 4RT TU3 MHC in Goalify Connect!

Here you’ll find some additional tips for recovering your mental fitness, more or less, after a summer break.

Upgrade your memory

Take some time and learn something by heart. You could memorize a section from the newspaper that you read every day, pick up some important tidbits from another language, or just learn the definition of a new word in your own language.

Tackle a puzzle

There are so many brain games and math-oriented puzzles to choose from, and you can make doing one of them part of your daily routine. Check out some websites with different kinds of workout for your brain, or pick up a book of puzzles and brainteasers.

Brain food

Did you know that there are some specific foods that actually improve mental functioning? Nuts are one example – they improve your ability to concentrate and improve overall brain performance. One reason for this is their high unsaturated fat content.

Move around for mental fitness

When you go for a jog or take a walk, you give your brain a chance to process things in the background…or maybe you even like to actively ponder things while you’re working out. Body and mind always go hand in hand. Add some kind of physical activity to your daily schedule – it will also help you to recover your mental fitness.

Shopping with loci

The method of loci is a very well-known mnemonic tool for remembering things. It helps you to recall words in a list, and in a specific order. Shopping is a great time to put this to use. Go over your list and mentally attach each item to an image, for example a part of your body. Start with your feet: tomatoes on your toes, flour for your knees, etc. Next step: leave your list at home. When you go shopping, use the visual connections you’ve made to recall what you need to buy, and because you have a starting place and a direction, in our example working up from your toes, you’ll also be able to remember things in a specific order. Cool, no?


Neurobics is about breaking free of habitual ways of approaching tasks so that you activate new nerve pathways and use more of your brain. That could be something like writing with your non-dominant hand, or taking a different way to or from work.

What tips do you have for us? Do you know of some good ways to freshen up how your brain works, or to get up to speed after some time off? Send your tips to us at:

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