Spring Is Here! Springtime Activity Ideas You Can Do Now
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Spring Is Here! Springtime Activity Ideas You Can Do Now

Spring Is Here! Springtime Activity Ideas You Can Do Now

Spring has finally returned – the snow has melted, the days are getting longer and the first buds are opening. During this time of year everyone has more energy, making it the ideal season for starting new things. What new goals would you like to set for yourself? What’s things would you like to get going on?

Get fit

It’s warmer outside now so you can get back to doing more outdoor activities. Walking in the fresh air or going for a run are some good ways to get your heart pumping. Make use of all the fresh energy you’re likely feeling this spring – you’re a force to be reckoned with! Time in the sun even makes you feel better as it boosts your mood, giving you more power for your day. If you do suffer with tiredness or lethargy during the springtime, then you should definitely read on.

Eat better

This time of year there’s more fresh vegetables and tasty salads on offer, and soon fresh, local fruits will also likely be available. As you know, eating more of these foods is an important part of a healthy diet, so spring is the ideal time to start eating better. It won’t take long before you notice the positive effects: more energy, glowing skin and a better mood in general.

Jump in

Spring always offers a new start, making now a good time for learning a new skill or picking up a new habit – you could pick up a new language, try out a new recipe every week, spend time in the garden or even just get up a little earlier every day. Spring makes everything feel new again. Every little thing you do and any step you take in the right direction can have huge impacts. Just have a look at our goal categories and pick something that you’d like to work on!

Vacation focus

So you’ve certainly earned some time off, whether its a few days away or a longer vacation. Have a look at your calendar and plan the right time to go on holiday – giving yourself something positive to look forward to simply makes you feel good. Maybe now isn’t the best time for vacation planning? You can just find a picture of a place you’d really enjoy visiting and hang it near your desk or on your refrigerator at home. A little dreaming can’t do any harm:)

Picnic lunch

Spring is also a good time to enjoy a meal outdoors. Pick a day on the weekend, grab a blanket and prepare some healthy food, and head to the nearest park! The first picnic of the year is especially fun…what about inviting some friends?

Spring cleaning

It’s also the best time of the year to thoroughly clean up your living environment. What about taking part in a Spring Cleaning Challenge? It starts on 15 April, and every day you get a cool new thing to do.

Easter Challenge

Taking part in our Easter Challenge is a good idea for everyone! Each day you’ll get a different exciting thing to work on – complete the assignment and you’ll have a chance to win! Click here now and enjoy the fun from 10 April to 18 April along with loads of other Goalify users.

What do you like to work on in the springtime? Is there a new habit that you’ve been meaning to integrate into your life? Have you set some goals for yourself? Write to us at

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