A Year in Review - Sticking with it in 2017!
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A Year in Review - Sticking with it in 2017!

A Year in Review - Sticking with it in 2017!

Today I put on my running shoes and headed over to the track for a run, but this time it was white with frost. The sun was just coming over the horizon, its rays warming the winter morning air. Every exhale became a tiny cloud that quickly disappeared as my cold muscles started ready themselves for the training session ahead.

In spite of the early morning hour and the bitter cold, I wasn’t alone out there. One group of runners had already finished their warm-up laps, and they were just starting with some interval training. Two women ran past me, their steps in perfect unison. No one here today would likely be too heartbroken over another hour in a warm bed, nonetheless we all meet here at the track almost every day. We come from different directions, most of us when it’s still dark outside, and we start our training. What gets us up in the morning, and why do we exchange our pyjamas for running clothes? It’s clear that we all have completely different motives for running, and our backgrounds also differ, but there is one thing that we all have in common: the knowledges that progress only comes from consistent and determined work.

Focus, persistence and consistency

With persistence and consistency, results that before seemed impossible suddenly become possible. In the end, no amount of talent can compete with these two positive qualities. It’s this understanding that made me into an ultra-event runner when before I only ran as a hobby. It’s similar for the team working on Goalify – persistent and consistent work lead to the release of version 2 in the spring, and with it a new era in the way people are tracking their goals and getting things done. Positive responses and quality feedback from enthusiastic Goalify users all over the world help us to continuously improve the app while at the same time making it even easier to use.

It’s not just our own experience that has proven the importance of consistency and tenacity. Over the course of the year, we’ve had the chance to follow some of the many successes of our users. In our blog, we shared some impressive interviews with successful people who are putting this knowledge to good use. Regardless whether world champion unicyclists, successful startup founders, globe-trotting professional surfers or aspiring climbers, they all confirm the importance of goals as they tell their stories of perseverance and courage.

Sticking with it!

We here at Goalify have come up with a really great guiding principle, and we’re proclaiming 2017 to be the year of sticking with it. We will be doing all we can so that you can be proud of your accomplishments and be happy about reaching your goals. You can also share the motivation with people you know: with Goalify you can take part in groups, set up exciting challenges for others and support your friends when they’re running a little low on ambition.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you. It’s been a fun and exciting 2016, and we’ve learned a lot of fantastic things. First and foremost, we have an amazing community…and we’re sure that our motto is one everyone will get behind: Sticking with it in 2017.

That’s likely another motivation for giving up some time in my nice, warm bed and putting on my running shoes in the morning. I know that my consistency might encourage others to do the same and push themselves to do more, the same way that the many stories that our users send in inspire me to sticking with it every day.

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