Take some time to be good to yourself and improve your well-being!
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Take some time to be good to yourself and improve your well-being!

Take some time to be good to yourself and improve your well-being!

During the winter months, we have to do a little more to take care of our general well-being. There’s are fewer daylight hours and it’s cold – such things can really drain one’s energy. Of course we can also make use of this peaceful time of year for positive things, because we can feel good about simply relaxing at home and putting our feet up. We’d like to help you out a little with taking it easy, so we’ve come up with another challenge for you: this time it’s the Well-Being Challenge.

You get a new task everyday that will both increase your well-being and help you to relax. Why is this important? Spring is not far off, and that’s the time for getting back up to full speed again!

Here are a few additional tips so that you can make the most of the final days of winter and improve your general well-being.

Drink tea

We’ve all heard the expression “not your cup of tea”, which is used to refer to something that you don’t like doing or that’s difficult for you. Why? Because it’s just so simple and pleasant to sit down for a cup of tea. Skip that hectic cup of coffee in the morning and have a cup of herbal tea instead. It’s also a good way to bring some peace to a stressful day

Enjoy a massage

Take the time to gently massage your face – it can really work wonders – or give your self a foot massage. This is easy enough to do anywhere. Not sure how to do the massage? Just make circles on the soles of your feet using your thumbs…start at your heels and work up to your toes. Do it again if you like, but this time try a little more pressure.

Take a walk

Fresh air is good for you, even if it’s cold and snowy outside. Go out and get some physical activity. It can be tempting to just roll up into a ball and wait for the cold to be over – keep in mind that doing something with your body in natural surroundings can also be great for your mood!

Eat slowly

Slowing down to eat rather than hurrying through your meal can be a really amazing experience. All too often we grab a bite on the run, and part of that is chewing too little and swallowing your food too fast. It’s a lot better for you to sit down for a meal and really pay attention to your food. Try to do that as often as you can…eventually you’ll develop a new positive habit.

Learn to value your strengths

Write down a list of things about yourself that you like. It’s easy enough to forget what we’re good at and what we’re truly all about. You can do this from time to time as it can be a big boost for your self confidence. Be your best self!

Sit straight

Oftentimes we don’t even notice when we’re not sitting up straight, for example slouching or leaning to one side. Though we might not think about it, good posture is part of being healthy. If you notice that you’re hunching forward when eating or working at your desk, try to remind yourself to pull your shoulders back and straighten your spine. It sound’s easy enough – just sit up straight – but it can be quite a challenge, don’t you think?

Go offline

Simply being unreachable for a while can be a real luxury in the world we live in today. Make time for this, maybe two hours or so, and deeply enjoy all the positives of being offline.

Put your feet up

So you’re offline…but now what? Use this time off to relax and just put your feet up. You can put a pillow or sofa cushion under your feet and ankles to make sitting like this even more comfortable. Try to find a way to get your feet to the same level as your heart. This improves circulation in your legs, and it also helps your legs to relax more. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful thing to do after a stressful day?

Do you have any more tips to share? What are some other ways to improve your well-being? We’re already looking forward to the next challenge!

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