Talent – something you are born with or something you develop
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Talent – something you are born with or something you develop

For us here at Goalify it has never been just about the statistics behind your goals. Before everything else it’s about you, your goals and you reaching your goals. That vision is not technical, it’s very personal. That’s why we want to bring you closer to our ideas and principals which guided the development of Goalify and the experience and insight we have accumulated over the years dealing with goals and targets.

We will start with a topic that has shattered goals before they were even born: talent.

Talent is perceived as something you are either born with or not. You either have it or you don’t. It’s that magical ingredient to all the success we see around us happening. It’s also the number 1 excuse why you don’t take on any challenges or why you fail. That’s how it’s perceived by everybody and that’s just how it is.

But if you start to dig around you will begin to find more and more stories and studies about those talented few, which shade a whole new perspective on talent: talent actually is something you can develop and which you need to develop. As long as you do not stay with your goal persistently, all potential is being neglected. Sport and entertainment coaches have known this for years and know that success is almost every time the result of hard or even exceptionally hard work.

Success is almost every time the result of hard or even exceptionally hard work.

What you need is interest in something, something you want to develop and subsequently achieve. Follow that interest and give yourself the room and time to grow into it and start to improve. Ready more about why you should start out slow and finish fast on our blog at: A case against radical change . That interest will soon become a burning desire that will keep you aligned until that moment when you have reached your goal.

When you have reached that stage of burning desire, people will start to call you “talented” and naturally gifted. They simply neglect the hours of effort and practice you have put into something. They will neglect that effort, to not eat something, when standing in front of that filled up fridge to you keep within the boundaries of your diet.

Goalify can help you to reach that stage and keep you aligned with your goals. And we already congratulate now on your future talent.

Keep at it


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