The progress screen

Aug 14, by Goalify in How-To

Goalify is designed to provide you with an intuitive and easy to use interface that lets you record your progress and take charge of your goals. We avoided countless input options and the usual information overload and went for a much cleaner and more structured design. Some users have been using Goalify for quite a while now so, based on their feedback, we have included some clever design features that will help you navigate through Goalify much more quickly.

The above image will help you to find your way around the main progress screen. Icons are only shown on your screen if they are relevant to you, for example you simply don’t need a group icon if you haven’t even joined or started a group, right?

The Goalify icon is full of extra features…

The Goalify icon is a little different than all the other icons, since its function depends on where and how you’re using it. Tap the icon to return to the progress screen from anywhere else in the app. Tap and HOLD your finger on the icon and a menu will appear. Depending on the screen you are on at the time, you will find different options to choose from there. On the progress screen you will find the following functions and information:

  • A dynamic list of user groups and the changes since you last visited the group
  • The number of your unread coaching messages
  • The possibility to pause your goal for the day/week
  • The option to create additional reminders for your goal
  • A link to all your goals
  • A link to the in-app help

Just slide down while holding your finger on the screen to choose an option.

Changing between your active goals is pretty easy: you just swipe left or right.

And now say hello to powerfeature #1: If you have more goals and you don’t want to swipe through all of them, just tap and HOLD on the name of the current goal. You’ll be instantly presented with a list of all your goals (even showing the current progress) and by sliding your finger to the respective goal you are immediately taken to it. It’s a nifty feature, and we love it!

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