Tips for a Good Morning Routine - A Few Ideas to Start Your Day!
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Tips for a Good Morning Routine - A Few Ideas to Start Your Day!

Tips for a Good Morning Routine - A Few Ideas to Start Your Day!

Oftentimes the quality of your day matches the quality of your morning. Not everyone is a morning person – we can’t all just greet the sunrise with a smile as we jump into our running shoes. That’s one reason for getting used having a good morning routine: you start your day out right. If you set up a morning routine that you do every day, you’ll soon be experiencing all the positive effects. Moreover, once you have established a good routine, you’ll sure to stick with it for the long term. Here are a few ideas for starting your day out right.


Begin the day with a little movement, for example a minute or two of stretching, and some yawning of course. Be sure to include moving your arms and legs too. Try to avoid hitting the snooze button, or even worse turning off the alarm completely. Whenever you do that you can fall into a light sleep, and then you can feel even more tired than if you’d gotten out of bed on time. Instead, stretch and get your body moving first thing in the morning.


Before you do anything else, grab a glass of water. Your body can become a little dehydrated while you sleep so it’s a good idea to drink some water before starting your workout or start doing something else. That way you integrate water drinking into your everyday routine – staying hydrated becomes part of your everyday life. Then it becomes easier to remember to drink more water throughout the day, and if you’d like some extra motivation you can always take part in the water challenge that we’ve set up in Goalify.


Getting in a workout should also be part of your morning routine. It could be going for a run, doing a little yoga, or even some kind of stretching routine. The main thing is that you start the day with some physical activity that gets your heart pumping.


Really enjoy your shower and the good feeling you get from starting the day clean and fresh. You can clear your head for the day by alternating hot and cold water a few times, or just use an invigorating shower gel that has a smell you like: try lemon, verbena or lime scents.


Focus on preparing your breakfast and eating in peace. You might choose something like yogurt with fresh fruit mixed in, a smoothie or maybe a more hearty breakfast of eggs and whatever else you like. It’s important that you allow enough time to eat before you jump into your day while ensuring that your body gets the nutrients it needs.

No phone!

Make sure that you don’t immediately check your email or mobile phone. If you don’t have some kind of emergency to deal with, then your really don’t need to be sitting down at the computer to start your day…email can wait! Take time for yourself, and top up your battery for the productive day ahead. One more thing: don’t feel like you have to start the day with news. Taking in negative information is not a good way to start the day, in fact it can be downright annoying.

Get organised!

Some kind of organizing is also a good fit for your morning routine as it helps to add some structure to your day. Take care of the breakfast dishes right away, or at least put them in the dishwasher. By doing simple things like this, your day can have some order from the very start.

Be mindful!

Pause and be thankful for what you have – even a few minutes of meditation can be a wonderful addition to your morning routine. It also makes you more attentive and focused as you go about your day. How about taking part in our mindfulness challenge?

It’s not necessary to integrate these new habits into your routine all at once. In fact, it’s better to incorporate one at a time. After a while, you’ll find that doing your morning things becomes automatic, freeing up time for setting more goals.

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