Why I am Setting Goals
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Why I am Setting Goals

Why I am Setting Goals

Ever since I started working with Goalify, I’ve clearly become more intensively involved with the topic of goals. I’ve noticed both how important and how sensible it has been for me to set concrete goals, to track the goals I set and to work on them consistently. I’ve summarized the most important benefits and reason I’ve found for setting goals here.

  • Focus

If you set a goal for yourself, you have it clearly in front of you and that provides you with a sense of direction. You have a better idea about what you would like to be working on so you can take action in a more directed way. You end up being much more satisfied than if you simply drifted around. In setting goals, you first have to focus on what could help you to move closer to what you want to accomplish, and you ought to do this in very detailed and clear way. That way you can direct your focus toward things and conditions that you want to make a reality. Since I’ve been setting concrete goals, I have noticed that I concentrate more on things that I would like to manifest or achieve, so I don’t get so distracted by trivial things.

  • Structure

Some people have a number of different hobbies, professional activities and assignments that they are trying to manage at the same time. Looking at a list that is clearly laid out and well-structured can really be beneficial. It allows you to avoid losing track of the big picture, which gives you more structure in your life. I’m usually working on several things at the same time – for example music and staying fit as well as my workday tasks related to Goalify – that’s why it is especially important for me to maintain structure. If I have my to-dos in front of me when I use Goalify, then I don’t drift off course – instead I always know what I would still like to get done. If I do forget something, I’ll be reminded about it by the friendly Goalify coaches in a timely way.

  • Persistence

Many goals are set for the long term, so you have to develop perseverance and stick with something. Moreover you have to be able to analyze why something did not work out in the way that you wanted. You can look at the reasons that you reach some goals more easily, and you find it hard to reach others. If you work on something over the long-term, you have to work on your consistency and you thus increase resilience, which will have positive effects on all areas of your life. I like to divide up my long-term goals into many interim mini-goals…here’s an example: since I started to learn to play the cello, I’ve noticed the even practicing for just 30 minutes every day makes a big difference. That in itself has been so motivating! In the meantime I have developed a lot of perseverance, and I no longer give up right away if there are times when I feel like I am making less progress.

  • Motivation

With a clear goal in front of you, you remain more motivated. You know what you have planned, why you are doing it and what outcome you are expecting. For example if I listen to a piece of music that I would like to learn to play on the piano once in a while, I am instantly motivated to continue with my practicing. At times when your motivation is waning, you can find additional tips for staying motivated here.

This quote from Confucius sums it up well:

Whoever knows the goal can decide; whoever decides finds peace; whoever finds peace is secure; whoever is secure can reflect; whoever reflects can improve.

Setting goals is the be-all and end-all in terms of being successful, regardless how you define success. If you set smart goals for yourself, it will be easier for you to make your intentions, ideas and dreams real. Why do you set goals? Do you have some reasons for setting goals that are not on my list? I’m planning to add a second part to this blog post with even more ideas… it would be great if you could help me out with your suggestions! Write a comment or shoot a mail to

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