How to stick to your routines on vacation
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How to stick to your routines on vacation

How to stick to your routines on vacation

Summer, sun, and beach - the holiday season is upon us. And we are all aware of the challenges of going on vacation: At home, we have our fixed routines and daily grinds that help us stick to our goals. Not eating sweets at home? Many of us will find it much harder to do when on vacation. Here are a few tips on staying focused on your goals while on vacation.

Plan ahead

Take a conscious look at your habits and plan how to integrate them into the relaxed days of your vacation time. Do you usually drink a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning? Great, plan ahead for the first few days of your vacation and take some lemons with you. This way, you don't have to stress about your routine on the first holiday morning; you already have everything at hand.

Try something new

Exploring new places, being away from the usual, is the ideal time to try something new. We tend to be more relaxed than in everyday life and can do things differently without causing the world to go awry. Use this time and try something new - if you've been a passionate runner, rent a bike and try cycling, surfing, or something completely different, like painting. You might discover a new passion.

Are you looking for inspiration? You can browse Goalify mobile app's goal templates - the perfect place to find ideas and suggestions for trying something new.

Away from everyday life is the perfect time to try something new.

Don't lose focus. Adjust your goals

It is often hotter at the holiday destination, and your usual running schedule may not be feasible. To stick to your goal, adapt to the surrounding conditions. For example, I walk slower but a bit longer than at home. Not the biggest fan of heat? Here are some more tips for dealing with summer temperatures. Tips on how to beat the heat

Small steps

If everyday life is missing, then habits are sometimes more difficult. So, break it down into smaller steps. For example, instead of planking for 2 minutes, you can do 4 x 30 seconds. You can then continue to implement this at home and break down larger goals into smaller steps that are easier to implement.

Spice it up

Since vacation life is already different, you can also bring variety into your habits. Instead of meeting your weekly sports goal by going on runs, you can swap your running shoes for a bike, enjoy the extra mileage that comes with it and explore the greater area around you. You still stay on the path to your goal, but you have new incentives and bring in variety, which helps you to stick to your goal in everyday life.

Consciously take breaks

Rest and breaks are essential; the strength needed for the next big step is born during resting periods. Use your vacation to take a break consciously. You can easily pause your goals in Goalify for the duration of your holiday and also disable the built-in coaching. After your well-deserved break, you resume recording your progress in Goalify. Pausing your goals will also keep your dashboard clean and your statistics healthy.

Breaks are essential in gaining the strength for the next steps.

How do you spend your summer? Do you have any special tips for us? Write to us at
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