Stick to your goals - despite springtime fatigue
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Stick to your goals - despite springtime fatigue

Stick to your goals - despite springtime fatigue

The days are getting noticeably longer again, and the first warm rays of sunshine are breaking through the clouds. Spring is fast approaching – at least for us here on the northern hemisphere - but you're feeling sleepier than ever?! What's up with that?

So what exactly is springtime fatigue?

Nature and our bodies run on lower levels in the winter. The body lowers its temperature and metabolism. With rising temperatures and longer days, our bodies need time to adapt. In the darker winter, the body produces more of a sleep hormone called "melatonin"; the increased sunlight exposure in spring leads to more daylight, which increases the production of the so-called feel-good hormone "serotonin." Our body has to find a new balance between these two hormones, which can initially lead to an imbalance and, thus, to the typical springtime lethargy.

If you are familiar with this lack of drive and exhaustion, we have a few tips ready for you to help you stick to your goals.

Get off the couch – be active

Feeling exhausted and worn down, and all you want to do is sit tired on the couch? Light exercise can make a big difference and help fight off tiredness. You don't have to walk for hours or cycle for miles in the fresh air. A short walk or a few push-ups in your living room is enough to activate your body's circulation. So, get off the couch and start moving!

Soak up the sun

Soaking up the sun is a perfect remedy against springtime fatigue. After the gloomy autumn and winter, our vitamin D storage has usually been drained. So now is the ideal time to start replenishing your storage. In addition, the first spring-like rays of sunshine also warm the soul - the serotonin production stimulated by daylight will boost your good mood. Unless you are one of the few that get in a bad mood when the sun shines :)? Give it a try; it lifts the spirits. Little life hack? Soak up the sun while going for a walk – buy one, get one free!

Alternating hot and cold showers

Alternating hot and cold showers and visits to the sauna can help you get your body's circulation going. It will likely take some time to get used to, but start the day with a cold-warm alternating shower. You don't have to go all Wim Hof; it's enough if you shower your lower legs with cold water. Again, there is no need to put your whole body under cold water immediately. Notice how such a small change affects your body's circulation and energy.

If this is new to you, you can quickly enter this exercise as a task in Goalify. This will help you to make this new routine stick. And to be honest: it's a really good feeling to tick off something from a list of to-dos.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

During the colder seasons, we usually like to eat heartier dishes. With the first signs of spring comes the appetite for fresh fruit and vegetables. In the fight against springtime fatigue, you can support your body with fresh fruit and vegetables to boost the metabolic processes.

Get enough sleep at the right time.

Even if a nap seems tempting, you should resist the urge. Here is why: when we sleep, our body produces melatonin, a hormone responsible for the day-night rhythm, and consumes serotonin, the "happiness hormone". You will probably wake up feeling tired after a nap, and it is better to ensure enough sleep at night. Please read our blog post for some helpful tips for an excellent start to the new day.

Get the water flowing.

Water is essential for our bodies, and drinking enough water can help with tiredness and support our body and metabolism. If water alone is too bland for you, switching to unsweetened teas (warm or cold) can be helpful. Or add some chopped-up fruit, such as lemon and a few fresh mint leaves, to a water pitcher. Let it blend for a moment, and it will taste wonderfully refreshing.

Want to make sure that you drink enough throughout your day? Set a new goal in Goalify and easily track your water intake. Our automated nudging will help you to keep at it.

Have some great tips that we missed? Just leave a comment or write us at and let us know what you think!

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